Friday, February 13, 2009

Testing the Power of the PLN

Today I will explore the potential power of my network. I am in need of some assistance.
I have the opportunity to receive credit for one of my teaching field experiences. I have to provide artifacts and references that prove that I have 'what it takes' to be an elementary teacher. I have plenty of artifacts from the classroom. I have several letters of reference from teachers and administrators. I need to prove that I am a life-long learner.

I need references that support my claim that I am actively engaged in online professional development. Any other comments about my learning, collaboration, and communication skills are also welcome. If we have met online and you feel that I am displaying the habits of a life-long-learner, please take a moment to express your thoughts.

Email and blog replies are welcome. Snail mail on school letterhead would be a big plus.
Drop me a note and I'll send you my mailing address if you are so inclined to send a hard copy.

Thank you in advance to my PLN. By helping me 'test out' of one of my requirements, you are accelerating my journey toward my teaching credentials.


Skipz said...

Scott has asked for an endorsement for professional purposes. He deserves to ask for credit for his participation in our PLN. He has been a wonderful member of our
PLN: sharing, commenting and sharing from morning till night.

Linda704 said...

Scott clearly embodies the spirit of a life-long learner, and embraces the meaning of PLN. In a very short time he has sought and given advice and shared resources. In reading his blog posts, one can see that he is also thoughtful and reflective--a critical quality of an educator.

Brent Jones said...

I met Scott on Plurk. He is one of the educational learning people that post. I like to keep in touch with him.

Brent Jones,
Chemistry and Technology teacher in Chicago Public Schools

Scott Shelhart said...

I've had a few folks ask me for some guidelines describing what I'm looking for in a reference.

My course requires that I attend some sort of professional development, seminar, optional learning, etc. Although I have never attended a F2F conference, I am quite active in the online educator world. I need to prove to the Education department that I proactively enhancing my knowledge outside of the classroom.

I'm looking for comments that confirm cultivation a PLN go above/beyond the norm of preservice teachers.

I hope this answers your questions.

Steve Harrison said...

I met Scott online and have been following his blog, Outside Looking In, for a while. Scott's posts are intelligent, insightful and articulate. Through these posts I have learned he has a great enthusiasm for teaching and also has creative and clever ideas for improving the profession and guiding students. I am certain he will be a success in his field and know the teaching profession as well as his students will benefit from his experiences.

Steve Harrison
Editor, Missouri Freemason Magazine
Kearney, MO

Anonymous said...

If your entries are any indication of your credentials then I must say you are on the right path. By taking this unique approach to seeking endorsements; it certainly displays your creative quality. I am of the opinion that creativity is what makes a great teacher. Considering the age group you are aiming for; holding their attention would seem to be the greatest challenge. i wish you all the luck and I wouldn't hesitate to enroll one of my children wherever you end up.