Friday, February 5, 2010

Student Teaching Day 10


Day 10

The End

The last day of my teaching experience started like most of the others.  We had warm up sheets, the two minute math test, pledge to the flag, etc.  For the math lesson we started with watching some of the Schoolhouse Rock videos on multiplication.  After the videos we did some multiplication activities and ISTEP sample problems.  Maybe my post on play vs inquiry had a small effect on Mrs. J.

The children went to music and gym today.  While they were gone Mrs. J. and I talked while she planned lessons and I graded papers.  She showed me the highly scored scoring rubric she had filled out to send to my college. Even though it wasn't all flowers and sunshine, I received high marks from all involved.

The afternoon writing activity was a small group project designed to teach descriptive writing,  The students were allowed to pick their own groups.  The four high ability girls banded together.  The boys stuck together.  The below grade level students grouped together.  The results were not what we expected.  The high ability group and the two groups of boys spent most of their time arguing and correcting each other.  The low ability group worked together and produced more descriptive sentences than any of the other groups.  It was fun to watch.

We did a few other activities and took a few tests as the end of the day approached.  The students turned in their work and got ready to leave.  On girl took Mrs. J  out into the hall to tell her something urgent just before the students were released.  I found out later that the girl had a surprise gift that she wanted Mrs. J. to deliver to me.

Here is my parting gift:

My friend N__ had brought me a Valentine card.  Hannah Montana Wizards of Waverly Place star "Alex" was neatly holding a Jolly Rancher apple flavored sucker.  My first valentine from a student.

After the students had left Mrs. J and I discussed how things had went and what we had learned over the past two weeks.  We both had a great time and worked well together.. Mrs. J, who had said on day one that she never wanted to have another student teacher for 8 weeks, invited me back to do my student teaching in her classroom.  I could have not wished for a better evaluation than to be invited back to teach again.

I have made many new friends over the past two weeks.  I have strengthened some professional relationships.  I have learned about children and about myself.  I discovered new things about office politics and the interaction of school departments.  I learned how to use a Promethean board, electronic voters, and two different document cameras.  I discovered how to co-teach and how differentiation works in the classroom.  I made a great connection with my friend and mentor Mrs. J.

I learned that a handwritten card and an apple sucker can be the best gift in the world.
Happy Valentines Day N____.

I'm going to go eat my sucker, look at all of the photos I took this week,  and miss my students for a little while.

Thanks kids.  Thanks Mrs. J.   I'll miss you.


Kim Caise said...

Welcome aboard Scott! It is so exciting to hear about your experiences as a student teacher. I had a somewhat negative experience but that is in the past - 20+ years actually. This post makes me really miss teaching and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feelings about as you were student teaching.

On a side note, the Valentine you received did not have Hannah Montana's picture on it. The picture is of Selena Gomez from the Wizards of Waverly Place. She plays 'Alex" on the Disney show. I have become an expert recently regarding the Disney girls and Jonas boys! :)

Scott Shelhart said...

Thank for your comments. Keeping a journal was required by my college. Posting it as series of blog posts felt like the natural thing to do. I've been receiving some great feedback and suggestions.

I appreciate the correction on the Valentine. Now that I look closer I can see you are correct. I must have had something in my eye yesterday. :-)


--David said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences! Even though a journal was required, by posting it for the world to see, I think it will benefit many more folks than you will ever realize.

I would venture that the sucker was one of the best you'd ever had - no matter what it tasted like. :-) How very sweet!

Scott Shelhart said...

Yes David, the sucker was fantastic.
I do hope that somebody will find value in what I have posted.

Thank you for the feedback.