Monday, January 5, 2009

Seven Things You Don't Really Need to Know About Me

Linda Clinton tagged me for this meme. I guess this is my initiation into the blogosphere.

Here are the meme rules for my fellow bloggers:

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  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.
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I am an Eagle Scout. I received my award in the spring of 1981. I went to the national BSA Jamboree that summer. It was the first year it was held at Fort A.P. Hill, Va. I will be going again with my son in 2010. I am currently a Cubmaster and Scoutmaster.

I have been a firefighter and EMT. The adrenaline rush was incredible when the call came in. I have crawled through burning buildings. I have see great feats of bravery by my fellow firefighters. I have picked up body parts with a shovel. I have held a stranger's hand while they died. One day I no longer felt the rush when the pager sounded the alarm. I hung up my boots and walked away.

I am a licensed ham radio operator. My call sign is KD9SR. I earned my first license in 1985. I can operate any mode I like, but I usually operate low power Morse Code. I enjoy the challenge.

I love my hot tub. It is outside on my deck. I love to go for a soak when its a clear night about 10 degrees F. Snowy nights are a close second. We don't use it much in the summer, but it's occupied 4 or 5 nights a week in the winter. Don't call me crazy until you have tried it.

I am married to my high school sweetie. We grew up in the same small Indiana town, but got together during a trip to Ohio. We each had a friend take us on a church trip to Cedar Point amusement park. Lisa and I connected during the trip in the fall of 1981 and have been together since then. I have plans of going back there for our 25th anniversary.

I ride a 1990 Honda Goldwing. We bought our current bike on eBay. The rig has a two seat sidecar so we can take both of our kids. Our first trip was to South Dakota t o see Mt. Rushmore. The four of us (without the dog) traveled 3000 miles in 9 days. One day I will take a bike trip along the outer perimeter of the lower 48 states. I have the route planned. It will take 6 weeks. Would you like to ride along? I'm planning on the summer of 2013.

I'm an amateur guitar player. I have built two guitars and a bass. I sing very well when nobody is around. I can't sing if adults are listening. I can play and sing all day for children. I take my acoustic guitar to school every time I sub in a K-3 classroom.

I thought this was going to be difficult. The hardest part was keeping the list at seven.

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Sharon Elin said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing! Your life sounds rich with experiences and adventure ~ I connected when I read that you were a firefighter/EMT for a while. My husband is a retired FF (after 29 years), and also speaks of the adrenaline rushes and -- best of all -- the satisfaction of helping others. Like you, he was glad to hang up his boots and move on.

Have fun on your motorcycle trip in 2013. I think you should blog about it at every stop!

I enjoyed reading this and hope I'll see more from you!

loonyhiker said...

This was really interesting! I love getting to know people on Plurk and Twitter more personally. It makes them more real to me. I have never ridden on a motorcycle though! I hope to go to Mt. Rushmore this year and can't wait! Keep up the great blogging!

Linda704 said...

Nice to get to know you and so glad I tagged you. As for who to tag next, you may want to look through the comments on your blog here for people you want to know better. Another suggestion is to consider bloggers or tweets you follow.

gail said...

That was quite enlightening. You have colored in the outline with some interesting detail. Glad I have you in my Google Reader!