Sunday, January 11, 2009

TAG! You're it!

Microsoft released their version of a 2D bar code reader this week at CES.
The MS code looks very similar to a QR code, but the color MS code can hold much more data.

It keeps getting hype as an iPhone app, but I downloaded the Windows Mobile software and it works great. It's much lighter than the QR code reader i-nigma.

This article explains it well.
This link contains a good video about the tags.

The Microsoft Demo/Download page is

Is it practical? I'm not sure. Japan has been using QR codes for years. The same QR technology has been available in the US for a while, but never seemed to gain traction.

Do you think this will catch on?


Dean Collins said...

Microsoft aztec codes offer no additional value except that the tags are smaller.

Unfortunately MS is the only software provider and off course it will come with a MS tax for creating codes.

QR codes are license free and open to anyone to use.....which one do you think makes sense.

Dean Collins

Shelley said...

No idea if this will catch on, but I wanted to thank you for your response to my comment on your inaugural post... sounds great, and I hope you'll keep us posted with regular progress reports!