Saturday, January 24, 2009

You never know who may be watching.

I took a few minutes this morning to check my email, download some podcasts, and check my blog before I started on my homework. All was was going well until I clicked on the link to my statcounter page.

I was excited to see that there had been some new readers. I clicked the link that took me to the details page. This is what I found:

Host Name
IP Address165.138.239.15
CountryUnited States
ISPIndiana Department Of Education
Returning Visits0
Visit Length38 mins 12 secs

At first I was excited to see that a local person had found my blog. Then I read the name of the reader:

Indiana Department of Education

Wow! Somebody with a very local IP address that is connected with the Indiana DOE read my blog. Not just visited, but READ my blog. Their visit to my page lasted 38 minutes and 12 seconds; plenty of time to explore every post, comment and hyperlink.

What can be learned from this? There are several key points:
  • Your digital portfolio begins to form the instant you start posting content
  • Anybody may be reading your material
  • The things that you do today may affect your future in ways that you never imagined
  • Your digital footprints are not made in the shifting sands of time, they are made in concrete
What kind of footprints are you leaving in the quick-dry concrete of the internet?

You never know who may be watching....


gail said...

Oh my!

Ed Shepherd said...

Even though we may just be writing in order to do a brain dump or share interpretations of what we read or see, it is still flattering from time to time to see that others are paying attention. On the flip side we must always remember... you never know who is paying attention. Great post.