Sunday, January 18, 2009

Learning from the children

Children can teach us great life lessons if we just open up our eyes and watch.

What lessons can be seen in this clip?

  • Some things are worth doing more than once, just for the pure enjoyment.
  • It's not always about who wins.
  • Fun is where you find it.
  • Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

What do you see in this clip?


TechNorth said...

I agree...and hope you reflect back on this as you embark on your new career path!

Beck81140 said...

Great lesson in life.

samccoy said...

Your analysis of what was learned is so on target. I love this post.

You provide a great perspective on how well you really understand the importance of learning in our teaching.

I imagine that this post will be helpful in your future classes. Thanks so much.

Nancy Pratt said...


I love this. Thank you!

kevinessdack said...

Cool video and thought!