Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial...

I attended a middle school swim meet a few days ago. I was scanning the crowd of students looking for my son. As I looked over the mob of early teens, I spotted this:

A small tattoo of a star on the shoulder of an eighth grade girl.

I was speechless....then angry....and then concerned.

How did a 14 year old child get a tattoo? An illegal act by a tattoo shop? A permission statement by the girls parents? An in-home tattoo party? A mother-daughter bonding experience? No matter how it happened, the result is the same. The 14 year old girl has a permanent tattoo.

I see the tattoo as a visible reminder of how many activities leave a permanent mark. Your online presence gets colored with indelible ink every time you log on to the internet.

Are you coloring your personal image with ink you may regret someday?
Think before you post...

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