Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wish List

What is on your wish list?

I'm wishing for an elementary school that has a philosophy similar to Chris Lehmann's high school.
Does it exist?  Could it succeed?

Would you like to work there?
Would you send your child to an elementary school like this?

Some people believe that elementary education is only preparation for middle school. At what age do we start teaching 'real life' instead of preperation?

The social and emotional components of the elementary eduction environment are 'real life'. Why can't core subjects be the same? Deeper understanding often comes from real-life experiences. Children of all ages learn best when the work they do is meaningful.  Yes, we have to teach the fundamentals.  Reading, writing, spelling, and the rest are all necessary skills; but there is so much more to education than worksheets and bubble tests. Core subjects can be taught in ways that young children find meaningful, but it's not easy.

My wish?  I wish for hands-on, real-life, and meaningful education experience for our elementary students.
I wish to be a guide that learns with them.
I wish for change.