Saturday, April 2, 2011

Philosophy of Education...Readers's Digest Edition

Sometimes I just can't accept the rules as they are written.

One of my current courses required me to submit my Philosophy of Education statement in less than one page.  I felt compelled to write a letter to my instructor about the requirement.

Assignment #5 PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION:  Write a brief description of what your purpose is in becoming a teacher.  This should be no longer than one page.

I have written and revised my philosophy of education several times during my years as a Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College student. 
The latest version can be viewed on my public blog.

My personal philosophy, like my resume, does not fit on one page.

Try as I may, I have difficulty deciding what topics are the least important and should be cut.  My gut tells me that all of the paragraphs are important. My educational philosophy is a reflection of my thoughts, feelings, and passions.  It is personal.  For it to be mine, it has to be more than one page.

I can pare it down to meet the one page, double-spaced MS Word document requirement if you wish, but it will be an empty pile of buzzwords and catch-phrases... not my philosophy.

How would you like me to proceed?

Yes, I know I shouldn't be "kicking the beehive" this close to graduation, but I just couldn't bite my virtual tongue on this one.   I felt compelled to stand up for what I see as important.

As the old saying goes, you can't un-ring a bell.  The above email has already been sent.

Am I sorry?  No.   I'd do it again.