Sunday, July 24, 2011

Date Countdown - Student Teaching

The summer semester is complete and all of my course work has been submitted.
3 classes (7 credit hours) in 8 weeks was a challenge, but I met the deadline with a few days to spare.

It finally hit me today that I am finished with the formal coursework required for my undergrad degree.  Other than a few on-campus meetings, my journey to a degree and teaching certification is almost complete. All that remains is 16 weeks of student teaching and a few standardized tests.

As of today (29 days to go and counting)I'm not nervous. I imagine I will get more anxious as the big day approaches.

Do you have any last minute words of wisdom before I enter the domain of the 3rd graders?

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loonyhiker said...

I kept a daily journal that helped me reflect on what I was doing and why. Sometimes it brought up questions that I needed to ask my supervising teacher. Good luck! Remember we are here if you need us!